Planning Permission

One of the biggest hurdles in any building project is gaining planning consent from the local planning authority. It can be made easier by taking advantage of your permitted development rights, single storey extensions, garage conversions, loft extensions and outbuildings are more often than not applied for under a lawful development certificate or a [...]

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Build Over Agreement – Thames Water

On most properties when you are planning an extension whether it be to the rear or the side of your house you will need to get the build over agreement from your water company, in the area we cover this is normally Thames Water. The water company own the sewer pipes that run onto [...]

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How can I accomodate a playroom extension?

The majority of the clients we work with are young families or couples that are planning to start a family. For those with young children one of the biggest issues they encounter is that their home has gradually been taken over with toys and they are looking to extend their house to either have [...]

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Office to Residential Conversions

One of the most popular types of project we are working on with our property developers is the conversion of office space to residential. This type of conversion is often covered under a permitted development rights, PDR, change of use application, which has become very popular for a number of reasons. The first is cost, [...]

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Garage Conversions: Can I convert without planning permission?

In most cases the answer to this question will be no. If the existing garage is integral or connected to the house the works will likely fall under permitted development which means you do not need permission from the council although we always recommend applying for a lawful development certificate. Plans will be submitted [...]

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