If your architectural design services are not connected, then they can never deliver the very highest standard. With Fluent, you can get all of the expertise and all for great value by only paying for what you need when you need it. With no hassle and superior service, our expertise and innovation in architectural design are what we provide for house builders.


Virtual Reality

Off Plan Sales Tool

Selling Off Plan has never been so easy with our fully immersive Virtual Tour experience – using the latest technology to ‘sell the dream’. 

Enhanced Experience

Boost Your Sales & Marketing

Our interactive models will allow your prospective
buyers the opportunity to experience a fully furnished
home before a brick is laid.


Get The Full Picture

Your showreel can be used on all digital marketing platforms, advertised on estate agents’ websites and windows, or simply share with clients.

QR Codes

Great Content, Easy Access

QR Codes allow buyers easy access your showreels and 3D perspectives on their handheld device. Great for print & display.

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Immersive Video Showreel

Our Team of Experts


VR Consultant

Specialist in technical plans on residential development schemes


Head Designer

20 years’ experience in medium and large residential development schemes 


Planning Consultant

15 years industry experience and 10 years experience as a Local Authority planning officer

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Our business philosophy and excellence have brought us here

Having worked with some of the UK’s leading house builders and developers, we recognised that we offer a superior service in providing a full design and planning package, from initial feasibility studies through to technical drawings.

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Why do house builders work with Fluent?


House builders rely on architectural designers’ creative imagination and unique combination of consultative communication skills to optimise a design brief for maximum value. Its also vital for house builders to see a role for designers in maintaining this value by efficient, error-free and timely service provision through technical design, planning, construction and beyond.

Most house builders acknowledge that, for reasons to do with their staff training and focussed perspective on financial risk, they themselves can sometimes stand in the way of trusting a third party to offer the best solutions. With a powerful partnership with Fluent we are a trusted resource, delivering great architecture design with support that allows greater flexibility, quality and cost control for projects of any size.

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