Brief – Rear extension across the back of the existing house, for kitchen, dining bi-folds out to the garden.

What did you want to gain from your new home?
Have a space large enough to be able to have friends and family over. This was the first Christmas in years we were able to have the family over to ours and do donner in a space that we’re proud of.

Why did you choose Fluent ADS to help you design your project?
We did speak to a few architects. We had quite a clear picture of what we wanted from a design element but the whole process was very daunting. Fluent stood out for us in terms of providing clear concise information and step by step guides. Made the whole process very manageable.

How did the team help you create your finished plans?
Provided different options for the final layout and guidance on what would work. Making the most of the skylights was key also and we took advice on that which has worked brilliantly.

How has your extension/loft conversion changed the way you live?
We now regularly have friends round and the kitchen/dining space has become the focal point for socialising. We moved from a one bed flat to this house so never had the space previously to host. Now we do, and to have people round, host dinners, spend more time with family has been fantastic.

Would you recommend Fluent ADS to anyone looking to complete their own home renovation?
Absolutely, and have! The main aspect for me was the communication and the clarity of each step and the overall process.

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