How To Add an extra bedroom to your home

Improve your home and add value by adding an extra bedroom by converting your garage, converting your loft or building an extension.

The need for an extra bedroom is high on the agenda for many home owners, whether it is for a growing family, a guest bedroom or to create a study space to allow the ability to work from home or run a business from.

Many reports suggest that adding an extra bedroom can add an additional 10% to the value of your home. An extra bedroom on your first floor could add more value than if you covert your garage or build a garden room, we would suggest consulting local estate agents to gain advice on expected values in your local area.

1. Double storey extension

A double storey extension can be a great way to extend an existing house. Not only do you benefit from the additional space on the first floor for a new bedroom and you can use the space below to extend your kitchen. Alternatively it will create space from a home office or free up space for a utility room or down stairs toilet.

Double storey extensions are more expensive than other types of extension but they do create a lot of space and can be done to look like am original part of the house rather than an extension which can help preserve the character of a property.

Most of these types of extensions will need to be applied for under a house holder planning application due to the size of the extension but it can be possible to do this under permitted development, speak to an expert to check this prior to commencing any work.

2. Garage conversion

Converting your garage can be another cost effective way of adding an extra bedroom. Providing you have enough garden space then building regulations should be simple to draw up.

The external walls already exist and it can be as simple as adding internal insulation to the walls and roof to meeting building control requirements. If the garage is external the space could be extended to allow for space for a downstairs toilet or shower room. If your garage is not an extension it could be possible to convert this space under permitted development meaning planning permission is not required.

An alternative could be to build on top of an existing garage, it is likely the walls of the garage will be single skin and the foundations may not be suitable for an additional floor, these will need to be assessed by a structural engineer. The space that can be created can allow for existing bedrooms to be increased in size or to create a new bedroom with a subsequent shower room.

3. Single storey extension

Adding a single storey extension to the side or rear of your home will allow additional room to be created quickly. In terms of layout, it tends to work better with a side extension. Creating a room on the rear of the house means you will be blocking light with the extension from the rooms behind it. In some properties, it is possible to add doors and windows to the side of the house or extension to get additional light into your property. Most side and rear extensions will comply with permitted development making planning more straight forward and can save you time.

4. Loft conversion

One of the more common ways in recent years to extend living space is to convert the loft space. Many loft conversions can be completed under permitted development and are a very cost-effective way of building. It is also generally the easiest and cheapest way of gaining an impressive master bedroom suite. On some properties it can be possible to add two bedrooms in the loft. To find out more about an average cost, see our guide here.

Loft conversions on set it detached houses cost around £45,000 which compared to the cost of single or double storey extensions it is much more cost effective.

You will need to make sure you have enough height in your loft. Its important to remember that you will need around 2350mm in your existing loft to convert the space. It can still be possible to use this space if you have less height however it will be more costly and cause more disruption.