We recently visited our client in Chiswick to find out how their new rear extension has impacted on family life.

Hugo explains: Up until a couple of years ago, we lived in multiple places and always in rental accommodation. When we decided to buy our first property, we embarked on a search that took a several months. We quickly realised that our dream home wasn’t available for our budget. We then decided to purchase a home with scope for renovation and make it our dream home. When we found this property, we were very pleased with location, high ceilings, garden and overall look of the property however the inside was dated and not fully to our taste. Particularly the kitchen was very small, non-functional and separated from the dining area. The bathroom was also old and the floors too dark.

As our son was born soon after the purchase,we wanted to get a space that worked for us as a family. An area where we could enjoy cooking but still be together. An area where we could enjoy a meal with a view. The main reason was getting an open plan kitchen/ dining area with plenty of light. Both skylights give us that as well as the full-lengthsliding doors. We also wanted to leverage the garden as much as possible and make it a feature/ view we can enjoy whilst cooking or having a meal. And finally, we wanted a wowfactor in the living room which we tried to achieve by the dark coloured walls as well as the glass panels in the stairs area. Finally, we had a fairly small bathroom with a large bathtub, therefore the biggest ask for the bathroom was a walk-inshower and cosy underfloor heating.

How has finished project changed the way you use your home?

For the first time we have a home that not only is ours but was designedby us to be used by us. It is really special feeling to head back home and call it home with most of our wish list ticked off. We canspend more time together, particularly in the new extension… We can cook together yet keep an eye when our sonis playingaround, we can have a glass of wine overlooking the garden, and we can walk into a shower in warm tiles. This renovation took us about a year, a lot of challenging work and difficulties, but the feel of going back to our dream home makes it all worth.Ithas been great to work with Fluent and we highly recommend Fluent!