We recently visited Rachel, a Fluent ADS client living in Surbiton where we had the pleasure of seeing her finished rear extension and learning a little about her project journey. This is what Rachel had to say about working with Fluent.

What were your motivations behind wanting to embark on a home extension?

The house had 3 rooms downstairs which were all fairly small. The front reception room was used for my work, the kitchen was dark and cramped and the back room was too small for a sofa, TV and dining table so we wanted to extend the back and knock the kitchen through to create a large open plan living space.

What were you looking to achieve?

We wanted to have a more user friendly and lighter kitchen area which although is the same size as the original kitchen feels so much bigger having knocked through to the now dining area and blocking off a side door. We wanted the extension to be large enough to be our living room and as light as possible as the house is north facing which is why we choose the vaulted ceiling and roof lights.

How has finished project changed the way you use your home?

The project has really improved the way we live as a family with young children. We’re now able to make dinner while being able to see what our toddler is up to and enjoy the views out to the garden. The whole house feels more spacious and light. We love it!!