NEW Project

What did you want to gain from your new home?

An open space with lots of natural light, to enjoy family time and entertain friends. We wanted to be able to also include bi-fold doors, so during the summer months, the garden could become part of the same room/space.

Why did you choose Fluent ADS to help you design your project?

Fluent were recommended by a friend who designed their project too. Friendly, quick service from Nev on the initial meeting, who was not afraid to throw in some advice or ideas, which we found really helpful.

How did the team help you create your finished plans?

We had a good idea of the things we wanted to incorporate into the extension, which were conveyed at the initial meeting. We were also open to ideas on how to maximise the potential and light was a major factor, as our previous back room was very dark. The designs included two large roof lanterns, as well as a high thin window to ensure we received light into the room as much as possible.

How has your extension/loft conversion changed the way you live?

Completely! We spend much more time in the new space because it has a lot of natural light and makes dinner time much more of a family event. The build was only completed toward the back end of summer, but we still managed to enjoy many days with the doors fully open. Entertaining is also much easier and more inclusive, as it doesn’t mean that one or two people are on their own in the kitchen.

Would you recommend Fluent ADS to anyone looking to complete their own home renovation?

Absolutely and already have. This is also not just for the designs themselves, but the assistance during the run-up to the build was fantastic. From submitting plans to providing recommendations of suppliers (party wall agreements, building control etc. and for novices like ourselves, we found the guides provided really useful to ensure that we were completing all the required steps in the process.

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