Elmbridge Rentstart are a local charity housing and supporting local homeless people. Working with the local community and landlords, each year they house around 150 local people and support them to move on with their lives.

Fluent ADS are extremely privileged to be working in support of this great charity and have many projects in the pipeline, the first of which we started this week when Rentstart approached us for assistance with a two storey building which they were unable to fully utilise.

A local landlord previously rented out his property to up to 5 occupants placed by Elmbridge Rentstart however due to recent changes in planning guidelines, two apartments located on the second floor no longer meet the minimum space standards set out by the council and were therefore inhabitable.

We went to visit the property a few weeks ago and our confident there is scope to re design the internal layouts to bring all of the rooms and spaces in line with the new guidelines.

Our designers have since completed a full measured survey of the building and are currently working through the re-design so that ultimately it can once again be used for 5 occupants.

Fluent aim to assist Rentstart in helping as many people in the local area get off the streets, into accommodation and back into work and we shall provide updates as the project progresses.