We were contacted by James back in 2017 who had been referred by a former client, his company had owned a piece of land in Hersham and had been trying for a number of years to achieve planning permission for a number of different dwellings, the land was originally part of the garden of an adjacent house but had been split into a self-contained plot.

After several unsuccessful planning applications with another company, our design for a pair of semidetached two-bedroom properties were granted planning permission. Due to the market value and the contributions that would have to be made to the council our client felt that there was an opportunity to push the site a little further and create a larger single dwelling on the plot.

Our revised brief was to push up the market value of the site, this lead us to exploring the feasibility of creating a block of apartments or a three bedroom detached house, the site is an unusual site and surrounded by other properties which dictated the location of any proposed units but also meant that careful consideration had to be made to the location of any windows. The site is in a tight residential road so creating offsite parking was essential. Having worked up a number of schemes and carefully assessing why previous schemes on the site were refused we came up with designs for a comfortable three-bedroom family home. One to the rear and another to the side. We created an open plan kitchen/living area which allowed for bifolding doors to both elevations to make best use of the views into the garden.

Our 3D visualisations were created to support the planning application and advertise the sale property during construction.

The build is now completed and what was an unmaintained, overgrown piece of land is now a beautiful detached family home that perfectly ties into the surrounding architecture. The property has been on the market since the beginning of the year but has now just been sold for the asking price and will be enjoyed for years to come from its new occupants. We have also now developed an ongoing relationship with our client and have worked on a number of projects together since and our currently looking for similar projects to work together on.

If you own a piece of land and are a little unsure on what you can do with it, we offer a free consultation and would be happy to run through your options, equally if you already have planning consent for something similar we work with a number of house builders and developers that would be interested in purchasing sites whether it be for a 2 bedroom house, multiple houses or apartments.