Back in 2017 we worked with a client who owned a 2 bedroom out dated bungalow in Virginia Water. He was looking to transform his property into a large open plan family home whilst increasing its value. The designers and planners at Fluent worked with the client to gain approval for a large loft conversion, two storey rear, side and front extension.

Our client explains his motivation to carry out the renovation project: –

“My main objective was to maximise our home for my family and to increase the equity in it. I also wanted to gain more experience in property development which I am starting to now get into using the equity from my home.

I was looking to get the very most out of this extension and to push boundaries with what the council would allow whilst being tasteful and considerate to the surroundings and neighbours.

Fluent helped me make this all possible.

We now use our home in a different way altogether, we were struggling for space with 3 children in a 2 bedroom bungalow and now we have quadrupled the floor space and are spoilt for choice with rooms and storage. Our children love the house, and all have their own large bedroom and an additional playroom, so they are spoilt for choice.”

“This was life changing and I will continue to use Fluent going forward.”