When will we need to pay for Fluent ADS services?

50% of the agreed fee will be payable upon the completion of your survey, once received we will commence the design work. Once the plans have been completed and agreed upon, you will receive an invoice for the final balance. On the receipt of this payment the finalised drawings will be released to you for [...]

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What is a Party Wall agreement?

Party Wall Act 1996 applies to builds that include: Work on an existing wall shared with another property Building on the boundary with a neighbouring property Excavating for foundations near a neighbouring property If any of these factors apply, you must give notice to your neighbours before you commence your build. A Party Wall Surveyor [...]

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What is Neighbour Consultation Scheme?

For a period of five years, between May 2013 and May 2019 the government has introduced a new scheme that allows single storey extensions to be built between 4 and 8 meters for detached houses and 3 to 6 meters for all other houses. Scaled drawings must be submitted along with the appropriate application.

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How long will the design process take?

We strive to create your planning drawings within a short timeframe, aiming to complete a full survey within one week of your consultation. The first revision of your plans will be delivered within two weeks of your survey. Your designer will then invite you to comment on our proposal and make any minor amendments, once [...]

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