Computer generated 3D images can be a great way to visualise your new home or extensions, they can bring a 2D plan to life and help you fully understand the plans. Having CGI’s produced for your home extension isn’t required for a planning application and if you fully understand your designs then it may not be needed. It is reported that one in three of us can not picture images in our mind and even less can visualise 3D spaces. It is something we feel is really important when extending your house, we want all our clients to love their new spaces when built and not sit there in their new extension thinking I wish we had done this or I didn’t think this is how it would look. Single storey extensions are a lot easier for homeowners to understand as they can mark out the space on the floor and get an idea for the size and shape of the space that will be created. Loft conversions on the other hand are a lot harder to get your head around, you can mark out where the new walls will go but because of the existing sloped roofs it is difficult to appreciate the space unless you can fully understand the plans. Even if you can appreciate how big and what size a rear extension will be, it still can be difficult to understand how the steel beams will look, what the skylights will look like, what will the pitched roof look like and how will it join onto the house. Having internal and external views of your property can really bring the 2D plans to life and show you exactly what the space can look like.

What are the benefits of 3D images?

As we touched on above, the biggest benefit of having 3D images produced for your extension is to bring the space to live and to help you fully appreciate what has been designed and how the space will look. It can also help to have images that you can give to your builder so they understand exactly what you are trying to create, openings between rooms can sometimes be mis-interpreted or not understood and where you are expected a floor to ceiling opening the builder may create this opening to be the same height as a door which completely changes the look you were trying to achieve. Most rear extensions will be done to create an open plan kitchen dining space, having these images produced can help you understand the space you will have around a kitchen island or to make sure there is space for your dining table and new l shaped sofa. As extensions are additions to an existing house, they can sometimes be viewed negatively by neighbours, comments from neighbours during the planning process can have a negative effect on the outcome but also impact on relationships. This can sometimes be because you have shown 2D drawings to your neighbour and they don’t appreciate what the extension will look like or it will block their light. Having these images produced can help them see that the extension will not affect them, you can show the shadows that the extension will create which can remove any concerns neighbours have.

We were working with a client that couldn’t decide whether her kitchen went into the rear extension or if it were to be located in the original dining area, we had photo realistic 3D images produced of both options so she could see exactly what these spaces would look like. We have also produced them for several loft conversion clients as they couldn’t picture what the space under the roof slope would look like and whether there was enough space for two bedroom or whether one large master suite would work better.

Can 3D images help me sell my house?

We have worked with clients in the past that were having plans produced in order to help sell there house, they wanted to get planning permission for extensions to help show prospective buyers what could be achieved, having 3D images of these proposed additions further show how the space will work and help understand what can be achieved and what has been proposed.

These types of images work brilliantly when marketing a new home, for example we gained planning approval for clients to build a new house in their garden, rather than waiting for the build to be completed they were able to market the property throughout construction with the use of CGI images of the outside and inside of the new home. As the selling process can last a few months this approach can save a huge amount of time and you will see these images more and more on websites such as right move, displayed on hording around sites showing potential customers what is coming and drum up interest in the development.

Can Fluent produce 3D’s using other architects plans?

It is an easier process for us if we have produced the plans from the outset, but we can turn existing 2D drawings into 3D images. it does mean that we must re draw the plans using 3D software, so the time scales and cost are increased slightly. Some architects and designers do not offer this service so we can step in and work plans up which can save hours of conversations between yourselves and your existing designer.

Are CGI’s expensive?

It really does depend on your project and the complexity of the designs. We assess each project individually and work out how much design time is involved. When we look at producing images of external views of a house our prices for these start from £400 + vat per view, for internal spaces prices start from £200 + vat. To spend £400 on a few views of your new extension can be far cheaper than having to re do work during the build because you decided to change your mind or your builder had priced something incorrectly because they didn’t see the space the same way your did.

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