We have visited thousands of projects over the past few years and there have been very few that were unable to be extended. It is not always possible to carry out the exact type of extension you had in mind, but there is often another option.

If you are looking for a loft conversion, then as long as you have around 2300mm head height in your loft, a loft conversion could be possible. If you have your permitted development intact, you may be able to build a larger dormer than if you must apply for a house holder application. If your house is in the green belt or in a flood area, extensions could be limited to how large they are; you can get around this if you have permitted development rights on your house. In most cases, you can build a ground floor extension, but its size and location may be impacted on by neighbouring windows.

You don’t always need to build an extension on a house to get more space. You can often remove internal walls to make larger rooms, or re-design the internal layouts to make better use of space. It can also be possible to remove chimneys or built-in wardrobes to make space for an ensuite bathroom. Roof spaces can be converted and made habitable without any external changes, which then does not require planning permission. An under stairs cupboard can be converted into a great space for a ground floor toilet.

On projects where the budget it tight but the property has an existing garage, it can be very cost effective to convert the garage: the external walls and roof could be retained, and insulation fitted internally to create a large playroom or utility area. If the garage is large enough, it can make an amazing guest suite, giving your guests some privacy and ensuring they do not get under your feet. On several projects, we have converted garages into second kitchens, allowing our clients to keep the main kitchen free of pots and creating a space to entertain. A separate kitchen can keep cooking smells out of the main part of the house, which can be an issue when creating large open plan spaces.

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